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What should I get my boyfriend for our anniversary?

Q. On friday it will be our 4 year anniversary. I am 18 and he is 21.
I thought we were just going to get each other little gifts but then I found out he got me an ipad 2.
I need some ideas on what to get him.
Some big gifts that I have given him in the past are an ipod and gps.
He doesn't like sports!
Do you have any ideas?

Thank you!

A. maybe get concert tickets coming up that he wants to see?...........or a chain? ring? or something he's had his eye on*.........You don't have to go out and spend as much as he has (on the ipad 2)........
make a special dinner for the 2 of you* candle light...soft music, romantic*......
give him a massage? have a bubble bath together*

no matter what you buy him, he'll appreciate the soft and romantic evening you had planned*

My husband is deployed, what is something cool I can do for our anniversary?
Q. My husband is in guam and I am in Florida. He is 15 hours ahead. We can sype and email, but i can't ship anything to him. ANy ideas? Its our 4 year anniversary. THanks!

A. Actually I'm stationed on Guam and there is UPS and we also have the U.S. Postal Service. Your husband should have a P.O. Box while TDY so that you can mail him stuff.

Most guys like typical things like beer, sex, and football. Sex you probably can't do unless you want to dress up really sexy and email him some pics. Buy him his favorite team's jersey and mail it to him or send him a Chili's or TGIF meal card. We have those things on Guam and every guy likes those kind of places. If you were my wife and I was deployed and you sent me a gift card like that, it would make me happy.

Besides, you can do something really special when he returns in a few short months so you can always offer him a "rain check" for a romantic escap.

Good luck!

What can we do for our anniversary?
Q. It is mine and my partner's 4 year anniversary tomorrow. Any ideas for anything free or very cheap (we are poor students!) that we could do? We live in New Zealand.

Thank you in advance.

A. If you've been with him for 4 years gifts arn't all that important but you could try a nice dinner date

What should I get for my bosses for their 3 year anniversary as a company?
Q. We are a small trucking company (4 employees) and have 3 bosses who started this company 3 years ago. Tomorrow is the 3rd year anniversary and they are inviting us employees out for dinner. Yet a coworker and I feel we should do something for THEM. Any ideas? Please note that the other two employees are very new and may not want to contribute, so something not too expensive would be great.


But you can buy a nice congratulations card IF ALL THE EMPLOYEES SIGN IT...and give it at the appropriate time at the party

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