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gifts for a 22 year old male that start with the letter v, w, or x?

Q. Ok so my grandma thought in would make gift exchange more interesting if we had to buy each other gifts that start whit certain letters and this year it is v, w, and x. i have to buy a gift for my 22 year old male cousin and need some ideas. I don't want to spend more than $25.

A. Vacancy Sign - to tape to his forehead
Valentines - he won't expect that
Vicks Vapor Rub - it begins with V
Venomous Snake or a Vulture - 'cuz he loves animals
Vinegar - so many uses, so little time
Vanilla Ice Cream - Spongebob's favorite
Vegetables and Vitamins - 'cuz you care about his health
Valance - home decorating
Vandalize His Property - Ha!
Voice Lessons - he's always wanted to be a rock star/ opera star/ Broadway star

Waffle - as long as it's not blue
Wafer - steal some from church
Wallop - time for some payback!
Walnuts - preferably baked into some cookies or brownies
Watercolor of a Weary Walrus - to remind him to stick to his diet
Wonton Wrappers - oh i love Wonton Wrappers! i made crab rangoons and like blintz type things. They're delicious.
Warlock - i was thinking costume but now i'm thinking maybe Warlock pajamas
Wastebasket - could always use one
Wolf hound - to protect him from/feed to the . . .
Wolverine - yeah; why not?

Xanthippe - pronounced Zan-thip-pee - i thought it would make a cute name for his new pet Wolverine
Xerophyte - that's a plant that can survive with low water supply. i guess like a cactus. *shrugs*
XOXO - hugs & kisses

What is a good gift to buy a 25 year old male?
Q. My boyfriend is turning 25 this year and already has everything he needs, I would like to think of something thoughtful but i'm not a creative person. Any ideas?

A. Men are soo hard to buy for my husband is turning 25 in Jan. too. Here are a few ideas. If they are the car kinda man buy him things for his car or excessories for it. tools are normally a safe buy. depending on how much you wanna spend and what kinda person he is. If he is and electronic junky like my husband how bout a surround sound or video games. Try www.personalcreations.com for a personalized gift. Or for the adrenaline or sports junky they have websites were you can buy a ride in a race car or for alot more he can drive. They also have other things like that. Go to www.excitations.com lots of neat stuff there. I bought my husband a nice grill last year because they were on sale during the winter and it still made a great gift

Any good gift ideas for my 25 year old BFF who happens to be male & gay?
Q. We have been friends for almost 10 years and Im running out of ideas. He is really into his appearance, loves fashionable expensive things & worships cars. He has no bills & can spend all his money on whatever he wants (which means he has everything). I wanted something fantastically amazing, under $100, maybe with some sentimental value tucked inside. This has to be good because this is the first Christmas that we will be together in over 6 years. I consider him my homosexual lifemate, any help is greatly appreciated!

A. if he likes fashion get him clothes from his favortie store or get him something for his car a new cover for the sterring or a carseat cover with cool designs and for a touch add those big dices just to bee funny or maybe get him a picture frame with u guyses picture in it or

What's a good gift idea for someone who looooves Warcraft?
Q. Warcraft III not WOW. Keep in mind this is a 25 year old male, lol. Thanks.

A. BUY some nice action figures

or shirts or hooodies....either with the HORDE or that other race....

{the other ones suck...}

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