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Any ideas for inexpensive homemade gifts for family and friends?

Q. This Christmas will have to be an inexpensive Christmas for me when it comes to giving gifts to my family and friends. I have been trying to think of gifts that I can make myself without spending a lot of money. My main goal is to make something that people will really like, either for practical use or pure enjoyment. I am at my wits end for ideas. Does anyone out there have any homemade gift ideas for men and women? Can you share some of your ideas that have been real successful? All serious replies are appreciated. Thanks for your time everyone.

A. Baked goods are liked by everyone. You could make up a couple of batches of cookies, get cute plates at the dollar store, wrap in colored cellophane, tie with a colored ribbon and a candy cane and you have nice gifts for your family and friends, without too much expense.

What are some gift ideas for meeting my girlfriend's parents for first time?
Q. I am meeting my girlfriend's parents for the first time in under two weeks. I'm not a 'youngin', so I have been down this road before, but 20+ years ago.

What are other gift ideas beyond wine and flowers? For further refinement, we are meeting for dinner in a restaurant.

A. Hey I think you can get them something practical yet personal. For the mom, you can get her a nice pair of gloves. I recommend you check out KinaRosa on Etsy ( http://www.etsy.com/shop/kinarosa ) These gloves are handmade, very high quality. They are unique yet affordable. My mom loves the gloves. I am sure it'll be a great gift for your girlfriend's mom since it's winter time. If you are not sure what color to buy, go for black, chocolate brown or burgundy red. They are safe colors that every woman loves.

For the dad, do you know what he likes? I think it's always good to go for more practical gifts for men. If he like cigars, you can buy him a nice box of cigars. If he like coffee, get him some good coffee beans. If you really don't know what he likes, you can get him a nice pen. My dad likes pens from Cross. They are not too expensive, but they are good pens.

Hope this helps. Good luck with your gift searching!

What is a good birthday gift idea for a Chinese lady boss?
Q. Hi, I have a new chinese lady boss who is a very nice person and I would like to get her a gift for her upcoming birthday. I havent had the time to really get to know her, so I am counting on finding some standard time tested gift ideas that I cant go wrong with. It would be preferable if the gifts have some sort of a chinese theme to it that she might appreciate.

Please help!

A. I'm Chinese!

As the Belarussian answerer said, you give gifts as you would any lady. However, do be aware of some Chinese gift codes:

- Most Chinese value the colours red and gold, because it is the colour of good luck
- Never give any forms of knives as a gift (e.g. letter openers, manicure sets etc) because it is perceived as a symbol of severing the friendship.
- Never give clocks, fake cash (like those rectangular notepads with dollars printed on the back of them) or white flowers--these are mourning items, and receiving them would be perceived as wishing they were dead.

Normally I don't give personal birthday gifts to a boss, but might initiate to arrange with some colleagues buying a joint gift for her. This makes the boundary clear that our relationship is business, not personal; and it avoids misinterpretation, especially in cross cultural situations.

My top picks for lady gifts are usually stuff she could wear, including earrings/bracelets, handbags, belts, perfume, or a silk shawl. However, these are very personal gifts that could be inappropriate for a boss; especially, if as your username says, you are but a trainee. Don't forget that Chinese people are very hierarchical, so receiving gifts as such may be awkward for a Chinese woman even if she is very nice.

If you really want this birthday to be your appreciation for her being part of your life, it may be best to get her a gift that she will use up and can share with her someone special. This may include vouchers to dine at her favourite restaurant, get pampered at a fabulous spa, stay at a hotel in a nearby weekend getaway spot, or enjoy an evening at the opera if she's into that thing. If you don't want to spend too much, vouchers for Starbucks or a movie would suffice. But whatever you get her, make sure you have two of them included, because (especially if you're a man) it's not as nice to receive one of these and not be able to take her someone special with. Not only is including two a sign of respect for the possibility that she may want to spend it with someone special other than you, but also two is a lucky number in Chinese numerology.

If you decide not to have a go at any of these, a birthday cake jointly bought with your colleagues to be eaten in the office/wherever you work never fails. Don't forget candles! Party hats & horns and decorations would be nice, but optional.

Need a good gift idea for an irish pagan woman?
Q. I was going to include all of the gift ideas I've had already.. but I'm really looking for inspiration and don't want to influence any of your ideas, so just name off any irish or pagan gifts you can think of please.

Thank you!

A. She may like some clover gifts, like a mug or bag. Possibly some personalized clover/irish coasters?

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