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What should I get my brother and father for Christmas? Gift ideas please?

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ok, so I need to know what to get both my dad and brother for christmas. My price limit is probably $20-$30 dollars each. My brother is 20 and my dad is in his late 40's. They both are huge michigan football fans but also have plenty of michigan things. they are also sports fans and exercise a lot. My brother goes to college and my dad is a business man.give me some gift ideas for them please. thanks a bunch and best answer gets 10 pts.

get your brother whos 20 a countdown clock to when he can finally drink some beer and gamble.
and get your dad tickets to watch an nfl game ... on the top tier its only usually about $27

What are your valentines gift ideas for your husbands?


Time is ticking and I can not think of a creative gift idea for my husband!! I have searched and searched and can't find anything! Do any of you have any cute creative ideas on what your doing for your man?? If you do, please share!!!

I sent my bf a photo mosaic.
I use all of our photos and the picture we like as the cell photos to make a large picture.
He said it's sweet and creative.

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