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Any ideas for good Easter gifts for kids?

best easter gift ideas
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Looking for Easter presents for children ages 2 (girl), 6 (boy) and 10 (girl). Would appreciate any help. Thanks!

Easter gift ideas:

Easter baskets filled with foods.
Basket filled with goodies.
M&M Easter baskets.
Easter ham - precooked.
Fruit basket.
Beautiful Easter cards.

More ideas:

1. http://www.bestpysanky.com/Easter-Gifts-s/5.htm

2. http://www.gifts.com/occasion/easter/3jw

3. http://www.gourmetgiftbaskets.com/Easter-Gift-Baskets.asp

4. Children's Easter baskets and gifts:

5. Easter jewelry:

What should I get my baby girl for her first birthday?


She's going to be one year old in four days and I have no idea because her grandparents spoil her so much already, she's got more than enough toys and I know she's got more coming from them, not to mention she just got Easter gifts, but I want to get her SOMETHING, so what would make good first birthday gifts?

maybe you could start a savings bond. I know that sounds boring, but she's not going to remember what she got from who when it's all said and done. Also, grandparents and other family members can put money in it too to add on to it later on for future birthdays and holidays.

I know I personally, would feel better knowing my money was going to something useful instead of a plastic toy that would get thrown into a garage sale or goodwill within a year, especially if you've already gotten plenty of toys!

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