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What to get a ten year old boy for Christmas?

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I'm looking for gift ideas for my ten year old nephew. He is mostly interested in video games, but I'd rather not get him another game. He doesn't like sports, but he seems to have some interest in science. He also really likes technology, such as cell phones, computers, etc.

Every year, when I ask his parents what to get him, they tell me the name of a specific video game or request a gift card for a video game. I'd really like to find something a little more original, that would still be fun. Any ideas?

amazon has some really cool basic robotics kits for his age group. I was just looking at them and you can get some nifty sets for under $50 and free amazon shipping.




Some good gift ideas for 1 year old boy and girl?


My son is turning 1 in september- I have been asked many times of gift ideas for him- any suggestions??
My neice is turning 1 in august- any gift ideas?

wooden alphabet blocks, building blocks, easel with paints, chalk, paper, etc.....

drawing pad, crayons, markers, colored pencils, ....

Good Luck

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