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What should I get my nine year old son for Christmas?

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He has tons of video games, and I'm trying to steer clear of that this year. What do boys tend to really like besides playstation stuff?

Christmas gift suggestions:


3. Gift certificates.

4. Food makes good Christmas gifts. Items that can be found at your grocery store or malls during December - they are in gift boxes and bags:

Tin of Danish cookies.
Box of chocolates.
Box of different types of cheeses.
Box of different types of sausages.
Fruit baskets.
And many more.

5. Christmas center pieces delivered from a florist or you can deliver yourself. Great for moms.

6. DVD movies, add a box of microwave popcorn.

7. Books.
You can also buy CD books.

8. Disney Family Fun - Make Cookies In a Jar for gifts:

What's are the best arts & craft kits for an 8 year old boy?


I need to buy my nephew something... He likes art, but has all the standard supplies (markers, paint, etc.). I would like to get him something cool and different. Not something that he has already seen, or can easily create in school. I also don't want to get him some cheap cardboard cutout kit. Please let me know if you have any good ideas!
As mentioned, he has all the standard craft stuff. Not looking for something I can easily buy at walmart or toys r us. Trying to be a little different.

Look at yahoo groups Wargaming_on_a_budget, these guys make great stuff, if he has paints, markers and glue he could get into making stuff like this. this figures are made out of wood spools and buttons and such, i made a few out of flat baby clothespins. Join the group get some ideas and show him some of the stuff. most of it requires little to no cutting so it should be safe. Like i said check out the group, they have a nice picture of one of the models some one made.

Or a Blank Mighty Mug, they're pretty cool!

Mighty Mugg Blank

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